Alyssa Yellow

There’s a new color saved in my Photoshop panel called, “Alyssa Yellow”. The namesake returned to OKC yesterday for the upcoming academic year and we got to catch up and hang out for a little bit before my early bed time arrived. She complimented my iPhone background and asked me to make one for her as well – so I did! Her request was a yellow background with an inspiring quote.

There were two steps to designing her request:

Step 1: Find the perfect yellow. This was pretty easy – I used the color picker in photoshop to select the best yellow that matched Alyssa’s sunny and sharp personality, then I adjusted the vibrance to get the color a little softer for the eyes on the phone screen.(staring at the bright yellow sun is bad for your eyes, staring at a bright yellow screen sounds painful, and staring at bright Alyssa might be dangerous – plus that’s creepy so just don’t)

Step 2: Find an inspiring quote. This took a little more time (but not much!) and a little bit of thesaurus work with Google. Alyssa is entering her 2nd year of law school and just finished an internship with the Army JAG people – basically, she’s sharp, witty, smart, and determined. And what does a sharp, witty, smart, and determined young lady do? She slays. That’s what she do.

Rise and Slay



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