Dedicated to kind parking kiosk man

I’m sitting in a super comfy chair with a happy tummy thanks to a turkey sammich with a generous heaping of avocado. The last few days have been a smidge turbulent. I’ve lost my normal routine of awake by 6:00, lunch at 1:00, dinner and sleep before 10:00. Without the routine I have gradually become waaaaaaaay distracted from keeping up with my daily and multi-daily medications that help relieve the razor edge of anxiety and numbing pressure of depression. Amazing how the routine that I felt was once becoming boring is now a comfort I’m hoping to regain. And then, surprise! I started a new job! Since moving to Oklahoma I’ve given more dedicated attention to my job search and on a whim I applied to a temp position that sounded fun managing data for a research project. I was right, it’s going to be fun – there’s just a bunch to learn super quick so I can jump in running. As I left the office on my first day a new face asked if I was having fun yet and I was able to honestly give her a, ‘actually I am!’. Then I went home and crashed on the couch after figuring out the parking ticket I earned myself the first day on the job (thank you kind kind parking kiosk man for working with my horrible sense of direction and inability to read signs under pressure).

All of the new can be so overwhelming and confusing and tiring(see above venting) but it can also be exciting and wonderful and beautiful (see below field of flowers and grass).

Flower filed

Location: Norman, OK
Camera: Nikon Coolpix
Editing: Adobe Lightroom


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